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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a Counselling session?

The first time we meet you will have the opportunity to talk through the difficulties you are experiencing and about the changes you would like to make. I will ask questions relating to your history so that I can fully understand how and when the difficulties may have arisen. We will then agree on the areas of your life that we will look at together. After this inital session we will meet weekly, for 50 minutes to explore your thoughts and feelings regarding these areas. This may be for an agreed period of time or the work maybe open-ended.

How many sessions will take place?

This will be agreed when we initially meet and depends on the difficulties that you are experiencing. For some the work will be short term whereas for others the nature of the problem may mean that further sessions over a longer period are needed. Once an initial period has been agreed the sessions will be reviewed regularly to make sure they remain beneficial.

What is an Integrative Counsellor?

I work using three main proven approaches and their definitions are as follows:
The Humanistic/Person-Centred approach concentrates on how you are feeling and allows a safe place to talk through your issues. By creating an environment that is empathic, congruent and non-judgemental, the counsellor accepts you for who you are and helps you become more accepting of yourself.

The CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) approach looks at the situation you are currently in. The counsellor would explore the negative thinking and behaviour you present, help you to recognise triggers, and learn ways to break the cycle of this behaviour and thinking. This enables you to cope with everyday life in a more positive way.

The Psychodynamic approach looks at your past - how you have been brought up and/or major events in your life. It looks at the unconscious and, by talking through your issues the counsellor would help you gain an insight into yourself and thus make the unconscious, conscious.
My Integrative training enables me to combine these approaches and tailor the therapy to meet each client's individual needs. For me as an Integrative Counsellor, this is crucial as each client is unique and I, therefore, feel that the Counselling must be respectful of this.

How much does the Counselling cost?

My fee is £45 per session and I offer a reduced fee of £35 for a student Counsellor.

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